We provide the airplanes or helicopters buyers (customers) with the following


- Research of the market and customers requirements

- Searching of  the appropriate aircraft at the US market

- Verification of documents, the history of ownership and legal “clarity” 

- Technical inspection of aircraft by certified mechanic

- Test flight of the aircraft by experienced pilot

- If it is necessary, mechanic and pilot can fly to the destination where an aircraft / helicopter is based

- Preparation of the sales and purchase transaction (legal registration, transfer of ownership and registration for the new owner)

- De-registration of the aircraft from the US registry (for export to another country), preparation of an export certificate

- Flying the aircraft to the place of a new base (with/without a new owner), or

- Packing and shipping by the sea or air carriage

1/28/2017 - Cessna 182T delivered to Belarus!

We delivered 4th aircraft to our valued customer. This is Cessna 182T, 2004 with low time, A/C, autopilot and G1000 glass cockpit. Aircraft have been delivery to Belarus. We organized search, technical and documents inspection, export certificate, de-registration process and X-Atlantic ferry to customer.

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We delivered to our base in FXE almost brand new airplane Cessna TTX for a customer from Eastern Europe. This is an amazing aircraft with excellent characteristics: it can fly up to 25,000 feet at a speed of 235 knots! The aircraft is equipped with the latest avionics - Garmin G2000 with FMS, which is controlled by a touch-screen (as well as all auxiliary aircraft functions such as climate control, weight & balance and fuel calculation, radio and navigation, oxygen and other settings).

This model of an airplane is equipped with oxygen, anti-icing TKS system, propeller heating and air conditioner.

This is already the third plane, which we deliver to our customers all over the world. In addition to assisting in the search for the airplane or helicopter, we also help with the paperwork and registration, inspection, legal and technical verification and delivery of the aircraft from the seller to the buyer (including flight or delivery to any destination in the world).

You can book this Demo Flight by phone: (954) 772-1212.

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5/5/2017 - Cirrus SR20 G3 with Garmin 1000 Perspective

Amazing Cirrus SR20 delivered to our flight academy - SkyEagle Aviation Academy for training, air tours and Cirrus Training program!